Directional Boring

KEARES Electrical Contracting recently entered a new market for underground electric and piping. With the Purchase of a new Directional Bore, Keares now has the ability to run under- ground electric without digging up your lawns and hard paving surfaces. The Directional Bore has the capability of reaching 400 feet underground in any direction. The Machine can also be used for Plumbing, Gas, CCTV, Fiber optic, Telephone, and much more.

The Process

  • Two holes are dug at the entrance and exit of the pipe run. The holes are approximately 1’ Wide by 2 ‘ Long by 1’ Deep.
  • The Directional Bore starts by entering the hole, the bore head is connected to a spinning pipe.
  • The “Spotter” uses an electronic device that locates the pipe head, the spotter will then tell the operator which direction to turn the pipe.
  • They will continue this process until they reach the exit hole.
  • Once the Exit hole is reached the bore head is removed, then a cap is added with the appropriate pipe size.
  • The operator will then pull back the pipe through the entry hole.
  • The holes are filled in, seeded and covered with hay.
Directional Boring disturbs very little of the surrounding landscape compared to conventional Boring (right).