Residential Solar is Worth It!

Keares Electrical contracting is willing and able to complete any type of Solar installation. Residential is one of the many divisions of solar that we specialize in.

Phillipsburg residence is a 10.1 kW roof mount located on the southerly exposed roofs of this barn. Using 43 Sharp 235 Watt Solar Panels in conjunction with Enphase Micro inverter to create an overwhelmingly efficient array.

Lafayette Square is a recently developed neighborhood in Sadsbury, PA. Two solar Arrays were installed on the new homes in the neighborhood. Combined together these arrays will produce 40.48kW of Solar Energy. Typical asphalt shingle racking with highly efficient panels made this installation a quick and cost effective benefit to the new homes of this neighborhood.

McGee Residence Located in Bridgeport, PA. Chose Keares for the solar Install of 7.2 kW. This job was and integrated roof and shed mounted system. Helping to mitigate electrical usage was the homeowners top priority.