Gettysburg College

March 30, 2012
Category: Energy Saving, Protect the Environment


Keares worked tirelessly to complete this project on a tight time frame. Numerous factors came into play which made this project a major success. Coordination with the college was extremely important due to high levels of student foot traffic entering and exiting the building. The most important component of the Gettysburg installation was student and worker safety.

  • Location: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
  • System Size: 363.3kW

  • Panel Type: Hanwha Solar One
  • Inverter: Solaron
Racking: AET Rayport & Panel Claw

This Array encompasses four separate roof- tops and 1,276 Solar Panels. The installation went off without any issues and was completed in the allotted time frame. Allowing Gettysburg to save money as well as the environment.

  • Equivalent to an SUV driving: 10,420,423 Miles
  • Reducing green house gas by: 8,180 Tons
  • Equivalent to an airplane flying: 16,866,045 Miles
  • Equivalent to planting: 327,202 Trees