Here’s to a Clean Energy Future!

At Keares Electric - we’re not waiting.

Our company and dedicated people are already well on the path to a clean energy future.

The Center for American Progress published a report titled, “The Renewable Path to Energy Security back.” I quote:

    “We, as a nation, have the ingenuity, know-how, and determination necessary to create an energy-secure America. By working together, we can find exciting new ways to build America’s use of domestic, non-polluting renewable energy. By capturing the energy of the wind and the light of sun…we can find new untapped resources that create jobs, improve our security, and build the health of our people, our planet, and our economy.”

With over eight megawatts (MW) of installed solar projects, Keares Electric has become (excuse the pun) a regional powerhouse in renewable energy. And we practice what we preach!

Drive by our corporate office on Jeffers Drive in Exton, PA and you may notice our 41.4 kilowatt (kW) solar installation and 600 watt wind turbine. That’s 42,000 watts of electricity being generated from our roof. Our solar/wind installation saves money, uses no fuel and produces no fumes or noise.

Click the links on our home page feature story - and you’ll see real time monitoring of two local ground-mount solar installations - Moravian Academy and Church farm School.

Come back to our web site often to learn more about renewables and share in our vision of a clean energy future. Here’s a partial list of projects and technologies we are developing and studying:

  • Large-scale solar - At 9 MW, the Coatesville Solar Initiative will be the largest solar project in Pennsylvania powering a school district. Our goal is to work with the Coatesville area school district to make CASD most sustainable district in the state.
  • Commercial PV (photovoltaic) solar - more and more of the places you shop regularly like Giant Food Stores and Target are being power by solar installed by Keares Electric.
  • Electric vehicle charging stations - look for increased use pollution-free cars and school busses, fueled by EV charging stations installed by Keares.
  • Large battery storage systems - we’re investigating using the power of the sun at night to charge your electric car and power your home.
  • Local electric sales/service centers - look for kiosks where you will be able to buy energy-efficient appliances and lighting. Your service needs will be dispatched from our fleet of electric vehicles.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss renewable energy for your business or home or anything discussed in this article. I also welcome an exchange of ideas with local businesses that share our vision of a prosperous economy - fueled by clean energy.

I can be reached at: or (610) 363-8160.

Coatesville Solar initiative (CSI) Receives Final Approval

Hello CSI neighbors, community members and Keares employees. By now, I hope you heard that CSI received final land use approval on Feb 13, 2013 by the Caln Board of Commissioners.

Click here to read the Chester County Daily Local News article - dated February 15.

After 24 months of hearings and reviews, we want to thank everyone who supported the project for two long years. We came a long way together and our commitments to our neighbors and community are unwavering:

  • Be a respectful and courteous neighbor that invites your input.
  • Build CSI in accordance with the strict conditions and review processes that have been put in place by Caln Township, Chester County Conservation District and PA Department of Environmental Protection.
  • Provide a real boost to Chester County’s economy – with $12 million spent locally on workers, goods and services.
  • Develop a project that we can all be proud of – with a positive impact on the environment and our schools.
  • Benefit area taxpayers with clean, renewable energy that will save the Coatesville school district $100,000 to $200,000 per year on utilities. Money better spent on education, sports and music programs.

Now that the project is approved, we are restarting discussions with the VA Hospital and Chester County Intermediate Unit. We are very excited about the possibility of helping Veterans and special need students. We will be coming to the community with regular updates:

  • Sewer discussions are underway with the Caln Municipal Authority. CSI will be reaching out to neighbors on Scott Drive and Dogwood Lane to schedule a meeting in the coming weeks. CSI will provide sewers at no cost to the residents.
  • Flood insurance for the properties directly adjacent to Carver Court will be in place with the start of construction. We are working out the details.
  • Jobs program. To-date, three hires have come from Carver Court and surrounding neighborhoods. Preference is being given to Veterans.

CSI would like to thank the Caln Board of Commissioners and professional staff for the outstanding work they did in reviewing mountains of information to address every engineering and safety concern. They held our feet to the fire at every turn on behalf of the residents. Public service is sometimes a thankless job. We encourage you to say “thanks” to the Township for representing your interests so well. In forty years of business at Keares Electric – we have never seen anything like it.

As always, I welcome your email and calls.

Bob Keares, President
Keares Electric and CSI Managing Partner

Horizontal Boring

In this edition, I would like to talk about a significant investment made by Keares in a new service – HORIZONTAL BORING. We made the decision to purchase a Horizontal Bore Machine, because it will benefit our customers and employees alike.

Customers will save time and money with our ability to run underground electric without digging up property and hard paved surfaces. Employees benefit with new skills that distinguish us from other electrical firms and keep our guys working with a diversified service offering.

Additional Customer benefits of Horizontal Boring:

  • Less traffic disruption
  • Deeper installation possible
  • Longer installation possible
  • Shorter completion times
  • Directional capabilities

Our Horizontal Boring service is part of a national hot line called, “We-Bore-It.” This organization ensures that each member company has the equipment, insurance, trained personnel and highest ratings to serve a regional customer base. Check it out at:

Anyone who knows me can testify to the fact that I am “Phillies Fanatic.” It’s never too early to start thinking about spring training - so I’d like to offer four tickets to a Phillies home game for trying our Horizontal Boring service. See the coupon on our home page.

Finally, as we head into the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, please remember those who are suffering as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Click here to donate to the Red Cross relief efforts.

Best regards - Bob Keares, President

46-acre Caln solar farm earns final approval

CSI received unanimous “Conditional Use” approval Thursday night in Caln Township. Now the ball is in our court! We must move quickly through Land Development approval. My goal is to begin construction February one. Now the fun part begins – turning our dream into reality.

CSI will be fantastic for Chester County’s economy with job creation and local sourcing of goods and services. The Coatesville Area School District and the environment will benefit production with home grown, renewable energy.

It’s a great day for Caln Township, Coatesville and the whole region.

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Keares Electrical is headquartered in Chester County, Pennsylvania – and this beautiful area is also where I live. This time of year, the weather can be extreme with hot and humid days and the chance of afternoon thunderstorms. Keeping our customers safe and comfortable has been a priority since my Dad founded the business 40 years ago.

Hurricane season officially ends November 30 and we can count on a few strong storms locally. Keares can help you be prepared for power outages that are common in our area. We are an Authorized Installer of dependable GENERAC generators. These standby generators are designed to start and operate automatically during a power outage. You can back up your entire home or select equipment - for a lot less than you imagine.

Jim Karpathios heads our 24-Hour Service division. His team resolves a range of everyday electrical needs - rain or shine. If you have a storm related electrical issue or have been thinking about a generator for your home, you can reach Jim’s team night or day at 610-363-8160.

Don’t miss our coupon special – running through the end of Hurricane season: An 8 kW* generator completely installed – including gas or propane hookup for only $4,995. (8kW = 8000 watts)

That’s it for this first edition….thanks for reading! In the coming months, I’ll be talking about our Renewable Energy Division that has become one the largest installers of solar in tri-state area.

Best regards - Harry "Bob" Keares, President