24-Hour Service Division

You know the saying: Experience is invaluable. And when it comes to experience, Keares is a company that is rich in the asset.

Keares Electrical Contracting Inc., has provided customer satisfaction service within the construction sector of the market for 35 years. With the Implementation of our new 24-Hour Service Division, we will now resolve the everyday electrical needs of customers within the service sector as well.

Our combination of dedicated electrical service personnel, unparalleled assistance to our customers, and the performance of the electrical repairs and maintenance work in a timely manner ensure that when one of our technicians completes a job, the customer will have complete satisfactions with the work that was performed.

Regardless of the size or the nature of the labor which is performed, our goal is to provide our customers with the best price-sensitive and quality-oriented service possible.

For any and all of your electrical needs, whether morning, noon or night, call Keares Electric's 24 Hour-Service Division at 610-363-8160 and we will gladly assist you with your critical electrical needs.

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Where you ever inconvenienced due to the need for an unexpected electrical repair? And, have you ever noticed that these unanticipated repairs always arise at the worst time possible?

Our service agreements are intended to give you peace of mind in the event that such a situation occurs. In your time of need, it is comforting to know that you have a company with 35 years of experience that is ready to solve any electrical need that arises. Once you have a service agreement with our 24-Hour Service Division, you can rest assured that when trouble comes we will be there to fix it. The only action needed on your part is a call to us. Leave the rest of the problem to us!

Benefits of the service agreements provided by Keares' 24-Hour Service Division

  1. Annual Safety Inspection
  2. Annual Service Agreement
  3. Annual Emergency Lighting Testing