Renewable Energy Division Shining Bright at Keares!

With over 40 years in business as a full service electrical contractor - Keares Electrical has kept up with the times to become one of the largest installers of ground-mount, commercial and residential solar in the region.

With projects in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware and Massachusetts, Keares has installed over nine megawatts (MW) of solar. That’s nine million watts of clean, solar energy powering supermarkets, big-box stores, schools, colleges, businesses, water treatment plants and homes. Think of it this way - enough renewable energy to power over 9,000 homes!

Solar clients include: Giant Food Stores, Gettysburg College, Lower Moreland High School, Aqua America, Church Farm School and Moravian Academy.

2013 will be another record setting year with over four MW in the pipeline. Keares Electrical Contracting is the developer of the Coatesville Solar Initiative (CSI) that will come online at 9 MW and provide clean energy and significant saving to the Coatesville School District. Talks are also under way with the Chester County Intermediate Unit. Bob Keares, CSI Managing partner is hopeful the Coatesville VA Medical Center may also be able to purchase power.

CSI will include cutting-edge technologies like large-scale battery storage. When’s the last time you heard of a solar farm producing power at night? A three story Renewable Energy Education/Conference Center will attract first grade through college students and top educators from throughout the region.

CSI sponsorship / investment opportunities are available in the form of Solar Renewable Energy Credits.
Call or email Bob Keares for a prospectus and more information.
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Meet the Renewable Energy Team

Along with Bob Keares, President of Keares Electrical - the Renewable Division is led by John Moore, a Keares veteran and Master Electrician. He brings 25 Years of experience to his position as Lead Foreman in the Renewable Division. John is well known in the industry for providing customers with the best possible experience with each and every project.

In addition to our skilled electricians and equipment operators, the Renewable Division contracts with some of the most experienced solar developers in the country. Long-term relationships are in place with Solare America and Alternative Energy, Inc.

If you are considering solar for your school, business or home - please call Bob Keares at 610-363-8160 for a solar satellite evaluation and written report. We will help you determine if your roof or land is suitable for solar. And ask about the 30% Federal Renewable Energy Tax Credit.


Directional Boring Services

KEARES Electrical Contracting recently entered a new market for underground electrical and piping. With the Purchase of a new Directional Bore, Keares now has the ability to run under- ground electric without digging up your lawns and hard paving surfaces.

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Service Division

Our new 24-hour service division ensures that we can meet the everyday electrical needs of our customers even better than before. Learn more

Meet...Paul Soja, Jr.

Project Manager and CAD Designer in the Keares Exton Office.

"Paul's honesty, integrity, and work ethic are consistent. His hard work and willingness to take on any job will lead to job and career growth at Keares."

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Here’s to a Clean Energy Future!

Pick up the local newspaper on any given day and you’ll see a cover story about severe weather and natural disasters brought on by global warming. Page two likely has stories about rising gas prices or skyrocketing electric bills. Our country’s dangerous addiction to oil jeopardizes our national and economic security. Time and fossil fuels are running out. We simply must come to terms with the promise and potential of renewable energy.